The cheerful voice you hear on the phone and the smiling person greeting you in the church office will be Jackie Martin, the church administrator.  Jackie can be found in the church office from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.   Her telephone number is 201.384.1063 and her email address is


Director of Music and Organist
Dr. Olga Stepanova
Olga's career has included being an internationally acclaimed concert pianist, church organist, and music teacher at every level from children through graduate-level master class.   She is as adept at interpreting the great organ and piano classics as she is at injecting folk and jazz interpretations into the worship service.



Emma Nathanson, Director of Christian Education
Emma Nathanson is our Director of Christian Education. Emma holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Barnard and a master’s degree in teaching English from Columbia. She has been a public school teacher since 2001 and currently teaches at Emerson Junior/Senior High School in Emerson, NJ. Emma loves to teach and is committed to nurturing the spiritual life of our children, allowing each of them opportunities to show their personal gifts.