Sunday School Starts up Again September 10th!

We are all ready for another wonderful year of Sunday school! I have a special project in mind that I hope the adults in the congregation can help me with. In addition to our regular Bible lessons, I would like to teach the children all about different kinds of prayer. I hope to discuss and try out many different methods of praying with them this year— memorized prayers, silent prayers, group prayers, anything. Many of the children are old enough now to figure out what style they feel most comfortable using. What do I need from you? I would really appreciate it if some of you could take a few moments to write down the ways you like to pray.  I will give you an example. When Jeanne Martin was teaching Confirmation class, she shared with us one of the things she does to make sure that she prays on a regular basis. She told us that when she gets into her car to start her day, she always pauses for a few moments to say a prayer—it might be about her friends, her family, her day, the world. What do you do? Do you take a few moments before bed? When you wake up in the morning? Do you pray silently? Do you have a memorized prayer that you like to recite to yourself? I would love to be able to share examples from the adults in the congregation each Sunday with the students. I will leave pieces of paper downstairs for people to write their prayer routine on for us. Please share, as I know it would meana lot to the students.