Ars Musica - World Class Choral Music on Your Doorsteps!

Ars Musica exemplifies and expands upon “community” in many ways. We draws our singers from the area around our corporate address, as is customary, but some of our members come from well beyond northern Bergen County– New York City, upstate New York, and farther off in New Jersey, choosing us over choruses nearer their homes. Our brilliant conductor, James Kennerley, and excellent pianist, Nadia Christova, have a great deal to do with that. Read more…

One Great Hour of Sharing

Dear Friends in Christ

Last September Hurricanes Maria and Irma presented Puerto Rico with its worst natural disaster on record. The deadly storms caused an estimated death toll of 4,645 persons, $94 billion in damages to homes, businesses and infrastructure, only a fraction of which has been dealt with and/or compensated by the U.S. government.

The hurricanes disrupted water supply, crippled communications systems and littered the island with debris. Eight months later, 20,000 people are still without power.

UCC Disaster Ministries, Week of Compassion/Disciples Volunteering, and Global Ministries are collaborating closely with brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico to aid Global Ministries partners in recovery from the hurricanes and prepare for the coming hurricane season.

Volunteer teams are needed now for work that may include debris removal, cleaning, tarping, sanitation, light carpentry, roofing, and repair work of homes and/or church properties.

Click here to volunteer with UCC Disaster Ministries

Click here to volunteer with Week of Compassion/Disciples Volunteering


Sunday School Starts up Again September 10th!

We are all ready for another wonderful year of Sunday school! I have a special project in mind that I hope the adults in the congregation can help me with. In addition to our regular Bible lessons, I would like to teach the children all about different kinds of prayer. I hope to discuss and try out many different methods of praying with them this year— memorized prayers, silent prayers, group prayers, anything. Many of the children are old enough now to figure out what style they feel most comfortable using. What do I need from you? I would really appreciate it if some of you could take a few moments to write down the ways you like to pray.  I will give you an example. When Jeanne Martin was teaching Confirmation class, she shared with us one of the things she does to make sure that she prays on a regular basis. She told us that when she gets into her car to start her day, she always pauses for a few moments to say a prayer—it might be about her friends, her family, her day, the world. What do you do? Do you take a few moments before bed? When you wake up in the morning? Do you pray silently? Do you have a memorized prayer that you like to recite to yourself? I would love to be able to share examples from the adults in the congregation each Sunday with the students. I will leave pieces of paper downstairs for people to write their prayer routine on for us. Please share, as I know it would meana lot to the students. 

Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra - Fundraiser to Benefit the Center for Food Action to be held in December!


This is a fundraiser with historicroots in Haworth UCC. Audria Morgan, our active promoter forthe CFA until she died, would gently remind us weekly to bring food for CFA, “We have so much; they have so little”.

Jan Farrington took up the quote as well as the task of getting food to the CFA and helping one day a week with the distribution in Englewood.

Al MacPherson provided us with a bus (Stuff the Bus project) for many years when so many of us loaded groceries onto the bus from anyone driving by Haworth Avenue with groceries to contribute.

Todd Marcus grew up in this church and will bring his 9-piece jazz orchestra in concert for a fundraiser to benefit the CFA. Tickets are $30. All of our current congregation will be able to help by telling friends directly or via facebook to save the date. Andrea will send out an email by mid September to confirm either Friday, December 1 or Saturday, Dec 2. It is definite that Todd’s group will be here one of these two dates. Jen’s flyer lists Dec 2 but will be changed if the final date is Dec 1.

A Pastoral Letter from the Collegium of Officers of the United Church of Christ

Last weekend, a group of white supremacists came to Charlottesville, Virginia, and incited violence to protest the removal of a Confederate monument. Although protest is the bedrock of our nation’s democracy, coming in riot gear proves that they intended to do more than simply protest.

We, the Council of Conference Ministers and Officers of the United Church of Christ, strongly condemn the acts of violent hatred expressed by these white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and Ku Klux Klan members. Their white robes and burning crosses were replaced with polo shirts, khakis, and tiki torches, while their lynching was replaced with a speeding car barreling through a group of peaceful protesters with the intention of harming and killing others, which it did. Their vitriolic hatred is the same.

We confess that the events of Charlottesville are systemic and communal expressions of white privilege and racism that continues to pervade our nation’s spiritual ethos. And if we only condemn the acts of August 12, 2017, without condemning the roots of racism, which perpetuate discrimination in our American schools, justice system, business, and healthcare systems, then we have sinned as well. We must work toward the Kin-dom of Heaven here on earth now for the sake of a just world for all.

We do this by committing to follow the ways of Jesus, who stood with the oppressed, spoke out against political and religious powers, and courageously embodied a just world for all as he sought to create it. Today, we must follow the ways of Jesus in addressing the hatred of white supremacists and racists among us.

Our local UCC churches must be true solidarity partners with those who march in the streets.  Our UCC churches are encouraged to move from the sanctuary and walk alongside other clergy and community leaders who seek to resist, agitate, inform, and comfort. We must resist hatred and violence. We must also agitate ourselves, and our neighbors to acknowledge any racism within or among us. We must inform ourselves, and our neighbors what our sacred stories reveal to us of a just world for all. We must lament and grieve with those who are injured or murdered during violent confrontations with those who mean us harm. And we must comfort those who have been discriminated against with the transformative love of God.

As we go forward, let us model the legacy of activism through our sacred call given to us by our UCC ancestors: May we be prophetic truth-tellers like our Congregational Christian forebears, who marched in public squares demanding equality for all. May we serve others, and remain faithful witnesses like our Evangelical and Reformed forebears, who tended to the needs of the forgotten. And may we be courageous like our non-UCC forebears, who left their spiritual home and joined the UCC in order to fully live out who God created them to be. 

In the days to come, may God's truth, mission, and courage be our guide to embodying the Kin-dom of Heaven here on earth.

Rev. Lauri J Craig

After reviewing resumés and interviewing candidates for over two years, our Search Committee unanimously selected Reverend Laurelyn J. Craig as their candidate for the ministry of our church. The entire congregation then voted unanimously for Rev. Lauri to begin officially as our part-time Pastor starting Sunday, January 3rd, 2016.

Reverend Lauri brings much experience and many gifts to our church. She is a humble person with a deep commitment in the UCC ministry. Additionally, she is a confident person with a strong knowledge of who she is within her many roles. Reverend Lauri is well organized, and as many have witnessed, is a strong preacher with a special connection to our children and youth. She is a big supporter of human rights and looks to empower others to embrace their own uniqueness and gifts from God.

Women's Fellowship

The purpose of the Women’s Fellowship is to unite the women of the Parish in a fellowship of worship, education, service, care for each other and giving to advance the life of Jesus Christ in the community and throughout the work of the church.

The Women’s Fellowship meets on the FIRST THURSDAY of every month September through June beginning at 11:45 am for lunch and a special program of interest. At Christmastime we are entertained by the Haworth Grade School Choir and in the fall, our friends Mark (piano), John (banjo), and Tom (sax)--see video—perform their magic and provide us with a hour full of special requests.

Our own speakers as well as those representing various organizations such as Spectrum For Living. provide educational programs. At Eastertime, we hold our traditional Communion Brunch. Twice a year, we assemble School Kits and Health Kits to send to Church World Service.

Women’s Fellowship is for ALL women of the church whether they can attend or not.

Wednesday Play Group


Many stay-at-home-during-the-day parents have called this program a Godsend -- in more ways than one!  Each Wednesday from September through about the middle of June, from 9:30  until 11:00 A.M. mothers with preschoolers (and dads, too!) converge in Eleanor Norton Fellowship Hall with their offspring in tow.

The children interact with their peers, sometimes integrating group creative play for the first time in their lives.  There are many activities for them to do, and caring adults to supervise. The parents watch their kids enjoying their morning as they sip coffee and tea and talk about the joys of parenting, the challenges of parenting, and, well, any subject at hand!

Need some adult time during the day?  This is one way to get it, and at the same time your child will benefit from the natural socialization that occurs when playing with his and her peers.  The program is directed by Ms. Rose Pero.

The program is free and all are welcome. 

      Program Director:   Rose Pero

From September to June, Rose Pero volunteers her time and love of children to offer a free Wednesday Morning Playgroup, giving Moms and their  pre-schoolers a chance to socialize over coffee, enjoying adult company while their children play with other children and a wide array of toys. On Sundays, Rose teaches our youngest group of children.