In our Christian tradition, funerals and memorial services are important worship services in which we proclaim the Christian promise of the Resurrection at the same time that we provide an important opportunity to comfort one another in our shared loss.  

The ordained and lay leadership of First Congregational Church stand ready to help you plan an appropriate Christian memorial service in our sanctuary or in a local funeral home.  We stand ready to arrange small, family memorials services or community events that fill our 170-seat sanctuary.  Our church's Norton Fellowship Hall with full kitchen is also available for repasts following the memorial service.  Our experienced musical director is a very capable resource in selecting and performinga wide range of appropriate music on both the organ and piano.

Our church maintains a memorial garden adjacent to our sanctuary in which we can inter ashes.

We strongly recommend that you download a copy of our Guide to Planning a Memorial Service at First Congregational Church.   It should answer many of your questions and help you and your family plan the best and most appropriate memorial service. 

Contact us for any question you may have.